My 5 tips on Sharq Alawsat

The ultimate fashion Accessory is kindness and humility.

This season the main focus is to get closer to god and to your spiritual self.

The trending words this Ramadan is empathy, humility Charity and love for family which will always be in fashion.

Ermenegildo Zegna


It’s all about the fabrics composition , good finishing and proper stitching before anything else . Chose a cotton blend to avoid the heat.

Remember that in spite of the heat; it’s best not to use fabric that are easily creased as it will appear sloppy and not very polished. Specially if you are visiting or entertaining.

Try to always keep the best clean cut image of yourself this wholly season make this Ramadan about putting your best foot forward in everything that you do. And that includes style .

Common Projects


Many guys claim that Ramadan gives them a license to just let go in the grooming department.

Make sure you get your regular hair cut trim and wear a nice modern musk or Oud after iftar invest in the good ones.

A manicure and a good pedicure is always a must but specially this month


You can dress it up or down with A vest with the thobe. Keep a nice selection in your wardrobe so that you can mix it up with your futour and suhour visits.

Fashionably Respectable

I have a term that I want to start and it’s called “fashionably respectable “ be fashionably respectable this Ramadan and Eid.

Avoid t shirts sweat pants and jeans. Wear something traditional and polished to show respect to your guests or your hosts specially your elders who expect this kind of consideration. As fashion is after all a form self expression.


This Ramadan is all about keeping it sleek and interesting Every man’s closet must have at least a pair of: solid lux sports shoes .

Depending on your budget opt for Zegna to Louboutin or even Adidas. One of my personal favorites are Axel Arigatos or Common

Axel Arigato Shoes Thobe by Toby Hatem Alakeel


Depending on wether it’s Futour or Suhour keep it interesting yet appropriate. Wether you wear thobes / kandoras or dishdashas consider subtle details that still have your personal flair make sure to do that with everything you do.

Choose wisely wherever you may have garments that can serve you well before and After Iftar.



Put your best foot forward but we are not talking about old school shiny classic shoes.

Opt for more modern and fashionable ones that still respect the dress codes of the people around you.

Dress codes

Of Course you are all free to dress as you please but in addition to being “fashionably respectable “ let the dress codes be your guide . If you are having a gathering with younger Melenials and generation Z you can pretty much wear what you want but of course keep it stylish. However if the Suhour Gathering will also include their parents and older generations then you must be respectful and courteous. Don’t apply one dress code for all.

One dress code cannot apply to To all . As mentioned always try to consider the ones that are around with courtesy and consideration . Keep it clean , sleek stylish and appropriate. What you wear is an extension of yourself.

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