How do authentic designers deal with Imposters – كيف بإمكان المصممين الحقيقيين التعامل مع المزيفين؟

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The Thobe is the most copied piece in the fashion industry Shameless distributors and retailers need to respect the hard work that goes into the design process and give the designers credit where credit is due. It is one thing to get inspired but it's completely another to copy the entire DNA and design concept of a certain brand. So,…

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Visiting Mada’in Saleh in Saudi gives you the feeling of being on the roof of the world – “زيارة مدائن صالح في السعودية تجعلك تشعر وكأنك تجلس على قمة العالم” – كريستيان لوبوتان

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In Hatem Alakeel’s second column for Buro 24/7 the designer talks to Christian Louboutin about Saudi Arabia’s beautiful archaeological sites and the launch of a new shoe collection… It is with tremendous pleasure and honour that I present this interview, with a very dear and genuine friend, a mentor who I have tremendous admiration for and a shoe master, Christian Louboutin,…

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Princess Rima talks about sterotyping Saudi women, style and Millenials – الأميرة ريما تتحدث عن الصورة النمطية للمرأة السعودية والستايل وجيل الألفية

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This column is about celebrating and show Casing all hidden gems of Arabia whether it's Culture, travel, Photography fashion in particular Saudi Arabia. My quest is to Change perception and break the boring stereotypes from our region to the world. As an entrepreneur/Designer how can we all form an on line community to empower, inform and help us all move forward?…

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